Saturday, October 17, 2009

While You Were Sleeping

So last night, 11:58 PM to be exact Persona Magazine's CEO emailed me asking if i could call him so we could chat. By this time I'm gagging, hollering, and anything else you could do when in the state shock. I'm holding my chest while dialing and the phone rung once then forwarded to voicemail. So i called again and this guy answers, I'm like hello? i was asked to call Persona? he goes yeah I'm the owner i love what you're doing and would love to offer you a position with persona, (here's where i really died). So after we talked about things that i can't say here because that'll ruin what he has in store for me, I'm now a Journalist for Persona Magazine and my 2 Assignments that i have already are epic!

P.S. God i know this could only happen by you and i thank you, xo.


Anonymous said...


A.R. said...

congrats, love.

Anonymous said...

good work pays off, i've been watching this blog for a minute and knew it was heading to success.

riee said...

OMG! i love the NEW look of the blog & i wanted to tell you that im so happy for you, CONGRATS! xD

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