Friday, May 29, 2009

Sergeant La Moda

The Michael Jackson inspired Military Jacket is turning into one of the hottest fashion styles of 2009. Fit for man and woman this jacket has been worn by Super-Celebs such as Kanye, Beyonce and Rihanna. The Jacket itself gives the wearer strong sexual appearance, the Sergeant look. I personally feel that the jacket itself is HOT it's very versatile and can be created into many different looks, Such as Bohemian, Feminine and Rocker. This jacket has replaced the blazer and the denim jacket on the runways this spring and I have a feeling a lot more fashionistas and fashionistos (like myself lol) will be spotted wearing it.


supremeee. said...

i dig it, but it jut reminds me of a marching band.

€re8ed4fashion said...

I'm sooo in love with this jacket-I've been trying to locate the jacket (within my budget, of course), although i've located the vest at bebe. They also have a cardigan sweater in the military style which is to die 4!

Ren Jones said...

totally love this jacket! viva la michael! lol

__simplytrice said...

kanye and rihanna's is hott =]

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