Saturday, May 09, 2009

What's T With Trevor?

Hey! FNF Readers, Trevor here and I’m feeling a little suspicious about Cassie denying that she leaked those xxx pictures on the web. Everyone knows Cassie is the underdog in the game right now. Her choice of singles is poor and quite frankly she has not done that great on the charts either. Her first single “Me and You” and her second single “official girl” did okay, but not on a superstar level her label hoped. I honestly believe she is dating Diddy because she wants publicity, and those xxx pictures got her twice the shine. Everyone knows she is just a baby sitter for Diddy’s children as he helplessly tries to promote her. I find it very amusing how Diddy post a clip on Twitter 2 days later to a link that looks like a new Cassie music video. Coincidence? I think not. They know what they are doing. Sorry to defend any Cassie fans, she a pretty girl, but thats the honest truth. Even after seeing those photos I don’t believe Cassie is anymore commercially viable.

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__simplytrice said...

lmao, i agree that was just for publicity.

Jia said...

:O) Holla! Very well said.

She should seriously just stick to modeling b/c music is NOT for her.

supreme. said...

i concur.

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