Monday, May 11, 2009

Only A $100.00 Left To Ur Name?

So i was reading a magazine while grocery shopping with my mother yesterday and i saw pics of Agyness Deyn, and i started to think of how i would dress my celebs when i make it in the industry, and Agyness being an inspiration, here's a peak of my fashion sense, hope you like it girls. everythings under a $100.00

Sidenote: The Givenchy Feather Boots are knock-offs, real price are $770.00


Eighty4 said...

bitch you bang and so does your style

Anonymous said...

man i bet u them leggings dont come in my size =[

feenastyy said...

i was about to fuckin saaaaaaay. aint no givenchy boots in the fuckin world cost no $50 lol. but where can u get the knockoffs? o_O

maika said...

i love those leggings ! where are they from ??

supreme. said...

cute bootssss.

__simplytrice said...

that's a cute outfit and i like them boots.

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