Thursday, May 21, 2009

19th Century Gent Look

Male fashion has seen some real innovations in recent times, allowing for more originality. Judging from the razor-sharp cuts, studied looks and luxurious materials on offer this season, the dandy is back. Designer touches, romantic influences and luxe accessories add up to a very urban chic. If your man is a Jude Law in the making, time for him to stop morphing into his dad and start imposing himself in the style stakes!

How to wear it
To avoid looking too outdated (the 19th century gent look doesn't do it for many girls), the dandy look needs a casual element, so mix statement items with jeans, V-neck sweaters etc to bring it up to date.

1 - H&M autumn/winter 2008-09 collection
2 - Burberry leather and canvas briefcase
3 - Sisley crackled leather boots

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i like it! i just might have to subtract the jacket or wait on a cool day. and i love those boots

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