Friday, August 21, 2009

i mean, i loved you for your slutty performance (i charge 3 grand a hr for dance lessons on the pole) at teen choice, but Hilary murdered you in this Marchesa mini. only because she's carrying that diet coke can, i feel like a bad bitch walking down the street with a diet coke can alongside with a checkers sandwhich in the other, lol. you could've got it but.. sorry Hannah!

$29.99 --

my bew, aggy spotted walking her ubber cute chihuahua in NYC. i knew i loved her for some reason, shes a malcom x fan! <3

so like, since i was gone.. i missed out on things, like this delicious photoshoot of lady gaga for OUT magazine! so i may post things that you've already seen, so bare with me and just comment since my tragic mishap.


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