Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Amy Winehouse is trying to start her own line, i said noo noo no..

So, Amy Winehouse is supposedly planning to start her own "designer" clothing line. Yes, Ms. Back to Black, rehab refuser, beehive as a hairstyle, tatted up Amy Winehouse. She has reportedly collaborated with the Britian fashion house called the PPQ in a bid to launch her own clothing line.

The clothing line will be based on her very own signature style, and PPQ’s designer Amy Molyneaux is very excited about working with her.

I'm not sure if everyone will be as excited. I mean, Amy Winehouse is an amazing artist, and she does have a very unique style, but can her style appeal to a larger community? I mean, would you like to see a bunch of girls walking around looking like Amy?

Leave comments and post your opinions. Would you rock Amy's Clothes?


supreme. said...

i wouldn't be able to fit her clothes lol, but i don't think it's going to work, she's had too many problems and the media basically killed her career. people forget how great of an artist she really is, VOCALLY.

Anonymous said...

I love Amy Winehouses musiq but Amy/clothing line so equals FAIL! I cant fit crackhead steez size clothing. xoxo jeniventura

Eighty4 said...

i say no no noooooooo 2,lol

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