Friday, May 29, 2009


Earlier today i wrote an article about the new Military jacket trend that has been seen popping up all over the entertainment industry. As I stated it would easily become one of the hottest must have items, and I wasn't wrong. About 30 mins to an hour after the article was posted people were all over it. "Totally love this jacket!" Ren Jones said. And __simplytrice also added that "Kanye and Rihanna's were HOTT". And I wouldn't expect it to be any other way seeing how those two are two of thee most fashionable people in Hip-Hop/Pop. But then we saw one comment that said "I'm sooo in love with this jacket-I've been trying to locate the jacket (within my budget, of course)".

Now of course for celebs this wouldn't be an issue, but what about us common-folk who aren't quite up there with them (yet)? Well thats when we here at FNF decided to do a little investigating. Upon which we found an online boutique where you can get the Military style form jacket for UNDER $65

1. Mens Military Style Jacket - Red / Black / Gold -- $59.99 via --

2. Chemical Military Style Jacket -Black/Gold -- $49.99 via --


Eighty4 said...

i swear my had that same one Rihanna was rocking in the late 80's

cre8ed4fashion said...

*sighs* you guys are totally a saving grace! the bangin' jacket at a bangin' price! thanks alot! :)

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