Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hold Up, Lemme Fix My Tie!

Barack loosens his necktie as he rides the White House elevator to the private residence. No biggie.

Bow ties are thee latest accessory that male celebs are rocking on the red carpet. But, you dont have to be on the carpet to rock this simple, chic, and unconventional accessory. why would you want a long, drab tie crowding your cute top? besides, its too hot for that! the bow tie consists of much less fabric, perfect for the weather, and will add that extra zing to whatever shirt you're wearing.

here's a quick fashion copy of the above photo that i put together.

1. Satin Black Bow Tie $2.99 via --
2. Ralph Lauren Classic Fit White $11.99 via --
3. Vans Authentic - Black Monochrome $41.99 via --
4. Houndstooth Printed Dockers $24.99 via --

Subtotal = $81.96

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