Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dress To Impress

Ok, so i dont know who lied and said that men/women look for personality first in the opposite sex, uh.. bullshit? its 2009 sweetface, being a homosexual i think i can speak damn good for the ladies when saying, i think you have to match their sexy if you wanna be spotted in'a sandwhich shop holding hands. agree? agreed.

but ladies some of ya'll be looking like "who shot it" when you step outside, but i got yall. i asked some fellas what excites them the most about female trendsetting, the number one answer was tights/leggings. now girls, tights and flip flops are SO not the buisness, matter fact they make you look soooo.. "Taneisha, Shantae, and KeKe" add a 4 inch heel to them? and you a bad bitch for the day.

boys, now ya'll know i had to do it. timbs been played out, boo. baggy jeans? um.. no? and for you wannabe thug boys that say skinny jeans are gay? that same three letter word is gonna eat you in the ass b/c all the skinny jean wearing niggas are getting pussy while ur on that "c'mere shawty lemme holla atcha". nuff said. put the nikes in the box for a minute and pull out a pair of sperrys.


Anonymous said...

ohhh my type of outfit.
hot shit !

supreme. said...

gah, i want that plaid shirt.

tataJunkiee said...

you did this boo.

__simplytrice said...

another hot outfit, i think i seen that plaid shirt before.

Eighty4 said...

out the fit is something i would so wear!

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