Monday, October 26, 2009

Linds Lo Droped from Her Record Label

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been dumped by Casablanca, her record label, according to and the New York Post.

Guess they got tired of waiting for that big comeback album that her DJ ex-lover, Samantha Ronson, was helping her with.

Lindsay looking gorge on the set of her comeback video "Bossy"

But it gets worse.

That widely publicized and much maligned Paris creative consulting fashion job at Ungaro? She may have had to pay for her own airfare and hotel. The reports are that the French fashion house only paid her with designer clothing.

Make that $100,000 worth of clothing, mind you. So don't feel too sorry for her.

We're still waiting for a response from her publicist. Assuming she still can afford one. ::TEA::

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