Wednesday, October 21, 2009

15 Ways To Tell Him I Love You Without Saying It

Are you one of those girls that have trouble telling your man exactly how you feel? Do you feel pressured to say those three little words, but just aren't ready? Do you want to be able to show your man how much you care without having to bare your soul and say it? These helpful tips will get any woman out of the hot seat and into the "omg she's so amazing" brag to his friends phase.

1. Hold his hand anywhere you go.

2. Stock your pantry with his favorite snack.

3. Bust pimples on his face while he's resting on ur lap.

4. Introduce him to mama.

5. Give random hugs.

6. Let your Facebook status do the talking.

7. Buy him the latest Madden.

8. Give him a key to your place.

9. Cook on friday nights instead of ordering take out.

10. Make him soup when he’s sick (and not just the canned stuff)

11. DVR 90210 and Melrose Place so he can watch football at your place.

12. Let him think he’s the best sex you’ve ever had.

13. Bring up twin tattoos to him.

14. Let him see you cry.

15. Deepthroat his peen next time ur giving head. :-)

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