Friday, October 09, 2009

Meet FNF's Biggest Fan!

Meet Dylan, he's a bit shy but i decided to give him a quick shout out, sucha sweetface! here's what he wrote me via aim. <3

SMDimDYLAN 7:20 pm
i am 1 of the bigggest FNF fans ever ; just thought you should know lol `
mauriceviametro 7:32 pm
aw. thank you
who's this?
SMDimDYLAN 7:33 pm
Uhm , you don`t knw me . But i`m Dylan . & I first found you from one of my myspace friends Josh .
But foreal people be jockin yo shit , but I will report them to you when I see them
SMDimDYLAN 7:33 pm
Your sooo tight & a inspiration to me.
mauriceviametro 7:34 pm
awwwwww, thank you!
whats ur myspace?
ill give u a shout out

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