Friday, October 02, 2009

Solanges photoshoot + interview with honey

Here's some of my fave Q&A's during Solange's Interview.

Five words to describe yourself?
Water, blood, melanin, bones, and ... vajajay.

I’m wondering can we expect any Solange appearances?
No, we had a song entitled “Fuck the Industry.”

Who’s closet would you raid if you had the chance to do it?
Probably Björk. It would be a tie between her and Grace [Jones], but I think I’d have to go with Björk because over the years there have been so many different phases and extremes and color. I am a person who loves color and I think it’s the most beautiful backdrop for life.

Let’s just start with the question that’s on everyone’s minds: the big chop. We fell in love with the cut right away. We wanted to shoot you before the cut, but we were really excited when we saw it because we could really get fashion-y.
I guess you just go through different phases in your life. I was pretty much at the point where I needed the change and I needed to focus my energy on more productive arenas. I was putting too much into my appearance and I needed to make this about growth and going to the next stage of my life. I felt like I was being distracted by something as simple as hair. I’ve always been really fearless about change. I’ve cut my hair the same way when I was 16 and again when I was 18. This was my third time.

For more pictures and the complete interview CLICK HERE!

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