Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beyonce spotted looking fab signing an autograph in front of Harvey Nichols in UK.

Its OFFICIAL! Mrs. Hov will be performing at the 8th Annual BET Awards along with (Kanye West, Ne-Yo, Maxwell, The-Dream and Soulja Boy) Airing Live June 28th at 8PM/7C

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm officially naming myself a Lady Gaga "STAN" (an over-obsessed fan) loves it.

Alright Fa'Shoe'Nistas! -- lets put ur fashion sense to the test. below are 4 different heels, each are created by top dog Fashion Designers. think you can Name That Designer? GO FOR IT!


a) Bottega Veneta
b) Louis Vuitton
c) Jimmy Choo


a) Emilio Pucci
b) Jimmy Choo
c) Dolce & Gabbana


a) Prada
b) Jill Sander
c) Givenchy


a) Chrisitian Dior
b) Gucci
c) Emilio Pucci

Black nail polish has been popular with goths and punks of both genders since the 1970's however, it has now gained popularity in the mainstream fashion world. Black nail polish may also be used to complete an outfit, In this case women, and occasionally men, match black nail polish to show boldness. A-list celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, and queen of fashion Rihanna Fenty can always be spotted on the red carpet with black nail polish on their finger tips.

"Now, im not the one to believe in myths, but there's a myth that my grandmother told me when i was younger about black nail polish that has always stuck with me. back in the day, wearing black nail polish could mean that you were a hoe, a prostitute. and while gathering this post i googled "Black Nail Polish Myths" and it was quite mind blowing that what my grandmother told me is an actual myth. be sure to check that out."

Friday, May 29, 2009

Earlier today i wrote an article about the new Military jacket trend that has been seen popping up all over the entertainment industry. As I stated it would easily become one of the hottest must have items, and I wasn't wrong. About 30 mins to an hour after the article was posted people were all over it. "Totally love this jacket!" Ren Jones said. And __simplytrice also added that "Kanye and Rihanna's were HOTT". And I wouldn't expect it to be any other way seeing how those two are two of thee most fashionable people in Hip-Hop/Pop. But then we saw one comment that said "I'm sooo in love with this jacket-I've been trying to locate the jacket (within my budget, of course)".

Now of course for celebs this wouldn't be an issue, but what about us common-folk who aren't quite up there with them (yet)? Well thats when we here at FNF decided to do a little investigating. Upon which we found an online boutique where you can get the Military style form jacket for UNDER $65

1. Mens Military Style Jacket - Red / Black / Gold -- $59.99 via --

2. Chemical Military Style Jacket -Black/Gold -- $49.99 via --

So like, i literally sheded tears of excitment watching this video! Lady Gaga is truly fabulous. the mini movie consist of softcore porn, dancing, murder, all wraped up in fierceness! Lady Gaga has truly owned the name Queen Of Pop.

"Alright, so you may have wondered what happend to this post that i had up THIS morning right? well.. Lady Gaga found out Thursday that "Paparazzi" was leaked! and she wasn't quite pleased.. CLICK HERE that being said, videos are being deleted. lets hope this one lingers a bit."


The Michael Jackson inspired Military Jacket is turning into one of the hottest fashion styles of 2009. Fit for man and woman this jacket has been worn by Super-Celebs such as Kanye, Beyonce and Rihanna. The Jacket itself gives the wearer strong sexual appearance, the Sergeant look. I personally feel that the jacket itself is HOT it's very versatile and can be created into many different looks, Such as Bohemian, Feminine and Rocker. This jacket has replaced the blazer and the denim jacket on the runways this spring and I have a feeling a lot more fashionistas and fashionistos (like myself lol) will be spotted wearing it.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

So today my bff graduated HS, im so proud of him! some of you may know bb, the cut-throat, slick-mouthed whiteboy from FL that everyone lovehate. congratulations BB i love you so much shuga, we've been thru it all but it only made our friendship stronger, ur truly my motivation when it comes to losing weight. can't wait till you move to Tampa in September.

The girl's body is sickening and shes giving the bitches FACE like her career depends on it.
Not too fond of her music, but as a model, she has FNF's vote. What do you think?
(More at

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Barack loosens his necktie as he rides the White House elevator to the private residence. No biggie.

Bow ties are thee latest accessory that male celebs are rocking on the red carpet. But, you dont have to be on the carpet to rock this simple, chic, and unconventional accessory. why would you want a long, drab tie crowding your cute top? besides, its too hot for that! the bow tie consists of much less fabric, perfect for the weather, and will add that extra zing to whatever shirt you're wearing.

here's a quick fashion copy of the above photo that i put together.

1. Satin Black Bow Tie $2.99 via --
2. Ralph Lauren Classic Fit White $11.99 via --
3. Vans Authentic - Black Monochrome $41.99 via --
4. Houndstooth Printed Dockers $24.99 via --

Subtotal = $81.96

So, Amy Winehouse is supposedly planning to start her own "designer" clothing line. Yes, Ms. Back to Black, rehab refuser, beehive as a hairstyle, tatted up Amy Winehouse. She has reportedly collaborated with the Britian fashion house called the PPQ in a bid to launch her own clothing line.

The clothing line will be based on her very own signature style, and PPQ’s designer Amy Molyneaux is very excited about working with her.

I'm not sure if everyone will be as excited. I mean, Amy Winehouse is an amazing artist, and she does have a very unique style, but can her style appeal to a larger community? I mean, would you like to see a bunch of girls walking around looking like Amy?

Leave comments and post your opinions. Would you rock Amy's Clothes?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I love to see females in these, Feet all looking spiffed, nails polished. (No Hetero).

$192.00 via --

After gracing the cover of no less than 26 issues of Vogue (not including the collectable January 2002 issue, which featured Moss with the rest of the hottest British models of the moment) Kate Moss has become Vogue's favourite cover girl.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Nike SB Ms. Pacman Quickstrike finds inspiration from the classic video game. A mix of suede and nubuck in blue and pink are applied to the uppers with a unique treatment of yellow piping. A unique look to say the least.

We’ll be on the lookout for Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and of course, Sue to get there own Dunk in the future.

The May Nike SB Quickstrike Ms. Pacman is coming soon. Call UNIV to PRE-ORDER your pair NOW! 760-942-UNIV.

Alright girls, class is in session. i want all notes put away, POP QUIZ! (haha) don't you hate when ur professor come at you with that? anyway, i put together a fun fashion quiz, please answer truthfully. 10 multiple questions, simply open ur wordpad OR notepad on ur PC and number 1-10.

1/10 - Summer's approaching which can mean only one thing. It's time to:
a) Go on a diet
b) Find a hot Onesie.
c) Restock your make-up bag

2/10 - You leave the house in a rush. Your handbag will no doubt contain:

a) Mascara and lip gloss for a quick touch-up in no time

b) A make-up bag containing everything from lipstick to tweezers... all you need is in there!

c) Very few beauty products... they take up too much space and your bag's already fit to burst

3/10 - What's your first beauty priority in the morning?

a) 30 minute workout to ur favorite c.d.

b) Drinking a large glass of water

c) Taking a refreshing shower

4/10 - How long do you spend in the bathroom on average?

a) 10 minutes: the time it takes to jump in the shower and brush your teeth

b) 30 minutes: you never leave the house without blow-drying your hair

c) Over an hour: the only reason your alarm's set for 6am on weekdays…

5/10 - For Summer 2009, your must-have beauty product is:

a) A foundation that will give you a radiant glow

b) Bright red lipstick for eye-catching lips

c) Golden eye make-up to achieve smoky eyes

6/10 - Which of the following 3 make-up items can you most likely do without?

a) Lipstick

b) Eyeshadow

c) Powder

7/10 - How often do you pay a visit to the Hair Dr?

a) Every 2 weeks

b) Once or twice a month

c) I do my own hair

8/10 - Which of this year's hair trends appeals to you?

a) The Agyness bob: short and stylish

b) The Rihanna cut: edgy and fierce

c) The Beyonce Lace Front: somtimes elegant

9/10 - Where do you usually buy your beauty products?

a) Online Boutiques

b) Front counter in clothing store

c) Wal-Mart

10/10 - Did you tell the truth taking this quiz?

a) Of course

b) umm..

c) Kinda

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A timeless piece. Inspired by the funky style of the 80's with a futuristic twist, these sunglasses are definitely a fit for any occasion. Be a part of the past and future in these black frames. (Alternate colors)*

$11.99 via --

Saturday, May 23, 2009

8 Inch Stiletto Heel Mary Jane Platform Pump

$55.99 via --

Friday, May 22, 2009

so like, idk what online boutique sale these, but as soon as i find out, ill notify you guys AFTER i buy a couple and take pics 1st, selfish? i know..

sidenote: if surgeons start wearing these? im goin home remedy.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Male fashion has seen some real innovations in recent times, allowing for more originality. Judging from the razor-sharp cuts, studied looks and luxurious materials on offer this season, the dandy is back. Designer touches, romantic influences and luxe accessories add up to a very urban chic. If your man is a Jude Law in the making, time for him to stop morphing into his dad and start imposing himself in the style stakes!

How to wear it
To avoid looking too outdated (the 19th century gent look doesn't do it for many girls), the dandy look needs a casual element, so mix statement items with jeans, V-neck sweaters etc to bring it up to date.

1 - H&M autumn/winter 2008-09 collection
2 - Burberry leather and canvas briefcase
3 - Sisley crackled leather boots

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

If youre down to your last $50 and can only buy one thing to update your wardrobe, make it the jumpsuit for Summer 2009. There are so many different styles which means its perfect for every/any occassion. Hate 'em or love 'em, the jumpsuit or as some people like to call it, the "all-in-one" is an IT look for this summer. A ton of celebrities have been spotted wearing them from Agyness Deyn to Ms. Fenty.

Designer Stella McCartney has always been ahead of the trend when it comes to all-in-ones, considering it a wardrobe fashion neccessity (Rihanna wore one of her peices).From the fashion houses of Missoni, Dolce & Gabbana, Chloé and Giorgio Armani and from New York to Milan, Spring 2009 runways were bombarded with this simple solution to fashion dressing. Just like the all-purpose dress, throw on a jumpsuit, add some heels, bangles, and other jewlry and your done – uncomplicated and easy chic!

These sites have really cute & affordable jumpsuits. check 'em out.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


LOS ANGELES, Cali. -- A new song Kanye West embedded into his blog on Monday, and which many purported to be Rihanna featuring Lady Gaga, is a fake according to reps for the singers.

Publicists for Rihanna and Lady Gaga both told Access Hollywood that the song, “Silly Boy,” a cut about a guy attempting to make amends with a woman only to be denied for all the mistakes he’s made, said the two women are not behind the song.

Rihanna’s rep said she is not on the track and Lady Gaga’s publicist released a statement denying her involvement.

“The song is a fake… It’s not Lady Gaga.” the blonde pop star’s rep said in the statement.

On Wednesday, the song was still posted on Kanye’s blog. Developing

ATL Housewife Sheree Whitfield’s “She By Sheree” Fashion Line Launch went down Tuesday at Atlanta’s W Hotel. And her new GORGEOUS boyfriend was right by her side to show support, Sheree child? yall look great together!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ok, so i dont know who lied and said that men/women look for personality first in the opposite sex, uh.. bullshit? its 2009 sweetface, being a homosexual i think i can speak damn good for the ladies when saying, i think you have to match their sexy if you wanna be spotted in'a sandwhich shop holding hands. agree? agreed.

but ladies some of ya'll be looking like "who shot it" when you step outside, but i got yall. i asked some fellas what excites them the most about female trendsetting, the number one answer was tights/leggings. now girls, tights and flip flops are SO not the buisness, matter fact they make you look soooo.. "Taneisha, Shantae, and KeKe" add a 4 inch heel to them? and you a bad bitch for the day.

boys, now ya'll know i had to do it. timbs been played out, boo. baggy jeans? um.. no? and for you wannabe thug boys that say skinny jeans are gay? that same three letter word is gonna eat you in the ass b/c all the skinny jean wearing niggas are getting pussy while ur on that "c'mere shawty lemme holla atcha". nuff said. put the nikes in the box for a minute and pull out a pair of sperrys.

Monday, May 11, 2009

So i was reading a magazine while grocery shopping with my mother yesterday and i saw pics of Agyness Deyn, and i started to think of how i would dress my celebs when i make it in the industry, and Agyness being an inspiration, here's a peak of my fashion sense, hope you like it girls. everythings under a $100.00

Sidenote: The Givenchy Feather Boots are knock-offs, real price are $770.00

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Hey! FNF Readers, Trevor here and I’m feeling a little suspicious about Cassie denying that she leaked those xxx pictures on the web. Everyone knows Cassie is the underdog in the game right now. Her choice of singles is poor and quite frankly she has not done that great on the charts either. Her first single “Me and You” and her second single “official girl” did okay, but not on a superstar level her label hoped. I honestly believe she is dating Diddy because she wants publicity, and those xxx pictures got her twice the shine. Everyone knows she is just a baby sitter for Diddy’s children as he helplessly tries to promote her. I find it very amusing how Diddy post a clip on Twitter 2 days later to a link that looks like a new Cassie music video. Coincidence? I think not. They know what they are doing. Sorry to defend any Cassie fans, she a pretty girl, but thats the honest truth. Even after seeing those photos I don’t believe Cassie is anymore commercially viable.

For more Celeb gossip look for What's T With Trevor every Saturday Night.

Tonino Lamborghini just gave new meaning to the term "Hot Shoe" no release date yet on when the Lamborghini Pumps will be released, but i bet my foodstamps that Beyonce, Madonna, OR Rih Rih rock them 1st.


Prada Spring/Summer 2009 Collection

Friday, May 08, 2009

Lord lead me to the cross, rih rih's nudes are floating thru the internet. and FNF got their hands on them! i knew she was a freak, with that hoop in the nipple. ♥

Chris Brown Picture Courtesy of illroots

Can everybody just go ahead and take out the time and say "Thank You Jesus!" for this man? im serious, thank god for trey songz. i remember when he 1st came out and i thought he was gonna be a one hit wonder, "looking at you day after day, i know i.. just gotta make it!" lord how time flies! need i mention, trey songz is'a FREAK! a friend of mine showed me a video where trey songz talks about how he want his penis (mental orgasm) just scroll down to the damn video!


Sidenote: is it me, or can johnta and wade from noah's arc go for brothers?!

Rih Rih spotted leaving her hotel in NYC looking fierce as usual. people i seriously need you to understand me when i say no one's fucking with her, i mean it! snake skin vest? done.

Rob Zombie Is back with his second remake installment of the John Carpenter Classic film, Halloween 2.


Sydney based artist, Brian Walker is a contemporary digital artist whose images explore and exploit the realm between fantasy and reality, recreating scenes that meld illustration and fashion with an element of surprise. Pop Culture inspired, its an interesting world of fashion mixed with half-women, half dolls in provocative, disturbing and unlikely situations.

More disturbing, yet fierce illustrations @

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