Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Pamper Ur Soles

Summers here, and if it isnt one thing FNF cant stand, is sombody sporting flip flops with their feet looking like they've been double-dutching on bricks. soooo... FNF got a few tips on fixing ur feet, guys? listen up, cause you're mainly who this post is dedicated to.

"Cracked heels can be treated at home! They can be easily tackled and well gotten rid of without a Ped Egg."

cracked heels are surely a sign of utter negligence which lead to several common and embarrassing situations which could've been pretty well avoided by taking care of your feet.

• For extremely dry feet, lather on a layer of cocoa butter to each foot, slip your feet into plastic bags and pull on a pair of oversize socks. Leave on overnight while sleeping and when you awaken the next morning your feet will be smooth, silky and soft.

• Add milk to a footbath for softening the feet. (hot water + salt)

• After bath, dry your feet as much as possible with towel. Do not put any footwear while your feet are still damp.

• Take some Vaseline and mix it well with 1 tsp of lemon juice, rub this mixture thoroughly on your feet until well absorbed. Repeat this procedure daily to cure your cracked heels and prevent them from happening again.

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