Tuesday, June 30, 2009

au voir vibe

Unfortunately, Fortunately VIBE has folded (and FNF Magazine is the reason) Hahaha! no really, VIBE will release their last and final Aug 09 issue featuring The-Dream and Christina Milian, now.. the Magazine could've been a HIT! if The-Dream wasn't looking so dumb founded, so Goodbye VIBE hello FNF.

Ok, that was a bit harsh.. i mean VIBE is plastered all over my room door. but hey.. its a cruel world. How Y'all Dewin!


The Vogue Society said...

Im sorry this cover is wack, their attempt at trying to recreate that cover Janet did for rolling stone mag is an EPIC FAIL.....smh

Eighty4 said...

wow no more VIBE? hmm well if this was going 2 be the last issue/cover they should've did a hell of a lot better,smh

viva la mixed girl . said...

lol @ that cover.

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