Wednesday, June 24, 2009

fashion 101: oversized tank tops

So, if theres nothing hotter then a female with a solid color oversized tank top on with a patterned/printed tube top under, followed by chains, (lots of them) i dont know what is! with it being summer you wanna show more body, instead of covering it up with ur favorite blouse (you know the one you wore to the party, then to church that sunday?) so... that being said, im here to give my expert tips on what to wear with ur oversized tank top.

- Printed Bra/Tube Top
- Costume Jewelry (gold chains)
- Trousers
- Leggings
- Platform Pumps
- Flats

1. White Unisex Big Tank -- $22.00 --

2. Denim Print Leggings -- $44.00 --

3. Yellow Lizard Cage Peep Toe Gladiator Platform Heel -- $25.99 --

Subtotal: $91.99

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