Tuesday, June 02, 2009


ladies, lets put those Old Navy $1.00 flip flops on the back burner this summer. i (fattz) personally feel, that no female should wear anything on her foot that can amount to anything on the dollar menu at Mcdonalds, now if you dont understand what that means? excuse me while i "dumb it down" for you.. ($1.00 flip flops are not whats hot babe.) soooooooo? that being said, lets make this a fierce summer, OR if you're invited to a pool party, lets make the girls look at your feet instead of your onesie!

1. South Side Sandals $29.99 via -- http://www.modcloth.com

2. Warm Leather Sandals $114.99 via -- http://www.modcloth.com

3. Benatar Beach Sandals $24.99 via -- http://www.modcloth.com

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