Saturday, November 07, 2009 moment

Alright so.. about my 3 day hiatus? i can explain, (tosses chip in mouth) iight so wednesday morning im sleeping right? im sleeping and all of a sudden i hear this sizzle noise, im thinking my mom is up making breakfast frying bacon or something until i smelled wires burning. I jump up and my computer is on fire! like actually burning, so im screaming my moms name and she runs in my room like my superhero she is, and she puts out the fire with my Gino Green T-Shirt that i paid $40.00 for. I was kinda upset that i couldnt update my blog but even more that outta all things on the floor she grabs my Gino Green T-Shirt! FML

P.S. today she bought me a $808.00 Laptop which i have to pay her back bi-weekly F-M-L X'S 2

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