Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Leak:

Justin Bieber - My World
15 Y.O., Justin Bieber is ready to release his debut album My World. The young singer started in posting some covers videos in YouTube and now he's signed on Island Records. On July 7th, he released his first single "One Time" which peaked #12 on the billboard Hot 100, he released then the singles "One Less Lonely Girl", "Love Me" & finally "My Favortite Girl". The record just contains 8 tracks but it will be re-issued on February 2010 with the 2nd edition including new songs. For This album, Justin was surrounded by producers & songwrtiter like Jackie Boyz, Midi Mafia, Tricky Stewart and Usher of course which featured also in one of the track. It will be in stores on November 17th and it's a really good 1st album, so don't forget to support the young singer and BUY IT!

1. One Time
2. Favorite Girl
3. Down to Earth
4. Bigger
5. One Less Lonely Girl
6. First Dance (Feat. Usher)
7. Love Me
8. Common Denominator
Download Here!

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