Monday, November 02, 2009

The Gay Real World?

FNF Magazine has the 411 on a dramafied flamboyant gay series coming soon to television Fall 2010. sounds ubber juicy!!

“The House of SugarWallz”- “SugarWallz” is a place in SoHo, New York. A place where young gay men in America can come and get financial assistance in getting there dreams off the ground. Some come to get help with their dance, singing and acting careers. And the man that makes it all possible is none other then Mr. Dean Walls. Dean Walls had a vision at a very young age that he would be the reason that there would be a lot more openly gay males in a heterosexual dominated world. He dedicated his life after college to open up this safe haven for homosexual men to come and find success and in what better place than New York and coming from a financially successful family this was not impossible. In 2000 “SugarWallz” opened up for business. Dean found himself choosing 20 incredible men out of hundreds, between the ages of 18-23, who came to be a part of this new phenomenon. And the rules were simple, come and handle your business and reach your goals so you can take on the world and give another homosexual male your spot in the house so that the cycle would continue. 11 years later, Dean finds himself responsible for some of today’s top homosexual men in business, thereby making “SugarWallz” top priority in the gay community. Gay men from all over the country come to be a part of THE HOUSE OF SUGARWALLZ…

“SugarWallz” consist of 20 guys, separated in 4 rooms of 5 guys. “SugarWallz” has a huge futuristic kitchen area, a dining area that sits 21, a living room with 3 huge flat screen TV’s plastered on 3 different walls with today’s hottest living room furniture sets, a telephone room (that gets a lot of action with 20 guys trying to use it), 5 spacious and lavish bedrooms (4 for the 20 guys to split and 1 for Dean Walls) with 5 full size beds, tons of closet space, a flat screen TV plastered on the wall of every bedroom and a lavish New York roof top complete with heated swimming pool with the most posh and plushest patio furniture you’ve ever laid your eyes on.

The year is now 2010 and Dean is welcoming a new batch of young gay men with fresh dreams and attitudes, mixed with some old housemates still trying to find themselves. The new batch of guys are from all over the country, all with different points of view and different dreams, which sometimes isn’t always the recipe for a good year at “SugarWallz”. And there couldn’t be a more different batch of guys living in one room than the guys staying in room 3.

Starting with Adrian, the oldest in room 3, and probably the most bitter. Adrian is 22 years old and an aspiring fashion designer. Adrian has been a housemate in “SugarWallz” since 2005. Entering “SW”, Adrian was the most talented then. He had a brain full of fresh ideas, but with the fashion world forever changing, Adrian found it very hard and stressful to keep up and after seeing his peers move in and out of “SW” he began to grow very bitter, forming the Adrian with a bitch attitude toward his housemates and toward life in general. With very few friends and goals in life Adrian picked up a serious alcohol problem, which will get him in a lot of trouble this year.

Vegas, another housemate in “SW” and a resident of room 3. Vegas is an aspiring singer, who came to “SW” at the beginning of the 2010-year. At 21 years old Vegas has been around the world, in large part, due to his Navy Marine based father. On Vegas’ 21st birthday he told his dad that he didn’t want to follow in his footsteps and go into the Navy Marine Forces, instead he wanted to be the next big singing sensation. When Vegas’ dad got the news he told his son that he would not put up the money to support this dream. A determined Vegas stumbled upon this house that he heard supported the dreams of young men like him. Vegas set up an interview with Dean and after hearing his story Dean rushed him to the house. Vegas inherited a lot of things from his father and being strong and stable in uncomfortable situations was one of them. Now why would Vegas be uncomfortable in a house with gay guys like him? Well who said Vegas was gay?

Another housemate and resident of room 3 would be, 20 year old, aspiring actor, Jamal Spencer. Jamal Spencer came to “SW” at the beginning of the 2008-year after chasing the dream of being the Denzel Washington of his generation. But with Jamal’s family not having the financial resources for Jamal to go to an acting school he did some research and found a place in New York that would support him and his dream. A place where he could be himself around men like him. He too was picked to be a housemate of “SW”. Now this year would be Jamal’s 3rd year at “SW” and Jamal is closer than ever to getting his name and face out there as an openly gay actor. Could this be Jamal’s year? Well with Jamal’s history of being the "Alfa-Top" with a huge appitite for sex, and that clouding a lot of his decisions and judgments about people, could possibly be a downfall for Jamal this year. It’s not going to be easy with all these attractive guys around him.

Now the most controversial and dramatic housemate of “SW” and resident of room 3 would have to be aspiring model Christopher (otherwise known by his Alter Ego name “Crystal”, pronounced like the popular alcoholic beverage “Cristol”) Crystal has the dreams of being America’s first Top Androgynous Male Model. And with Crystals natural girl like features this dream isn’t as far as one may think. And Crystal uses these features to his advantage (in his professional and personal life). Crystal has a gorgeous boyfriend, by the name of Reggie, who like most people don’t even know that Crystal was born a man. Now one may think that this charade that Crystal is putting on will get exposed but Crystal, upon having a girlish face, has a bubbly Latino attitude that is very addictive and has gained him a lot of friends and boyfriends. In the past Crystal has lead men on to believe that he is really a she, and after several months of dating, Crystal would reveal his true identity and because of his bubbly personality the guys would somehow find themselves not being able to live without him in there lives and, just like that, Crystal would have converted them. But with Crystal in a new city, with a new boyfriend, who just happens to be from the wrong neck of the woods, will find himself having a hard time breaking the news to him. Can Crystal do it? And if he does, will Reggie react like the other men that had been in Crystal’s life? This can be very stressful for Crystal, especially with the sex subject coming up consistently. But Crystal has found a new friend to confide in…

A friend in latecomer, Qwanell, 19-year-old Qwanell came to “SW” after being on the waiting list since he was 18. And after the mysterious departure of a housemate, just like that Qwanell was in. Qwanell was an Atlanta resident. An aspiring dancer (who once choreographed for R&B sensation “Xclusive” on his summer tour the year before) caught the eye of Dean. And after the sudden departure of an old housemate, Dean quickly moved Qwanell to New York to further his dream of being a great dancer and in the point Qwanell was in, in his life, the invitation couldn’t have come at a better time. With Qwanell being the new face in “SW” and with the year already being in progress for 6 months now, found it hard to gain friends in his roommates in room 3. But he found a friend in his androgynous roommate, Crystal. They quickly jelled and became the picture of best friend perfection at “SW”. They had each other’s backs and told each other everything. Well almost everything… No one really knows the real reason Qwanell moved to New York.

And there you have it, the recipe for another drama filled year at “SugarWallz”. Can Adrian learn to get along with his new roommates? Can Vegas find his place in “SW” and in life? Will Jamal put temptation after his dreams of becoming the next big openly gay actor? Will Crystal ever tell Reggie his true identity? And will Qwanell ever tell the truth on why he really moved to New York? Find out in the new series… The House of


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