Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Elements of The Warrior Trend

•Metal plating
•Tunics; especially in leather
•Chain-mail inspired detailing
•Tribal inspired motifs

•Be creative, be confident; wear it with conviction.
•Mix some of the elements listed above in with more glamorous pieces. Sequins as a perfect example can give a look that's modern mixed with metal.
•Mix ultra-feminine with tough warrioress. For example soft, flowing fabric against sharp metal plating or studded straps.
•Invest in accessories that will give any outfit a warrior edge; like studded leather belts, new and edgier takes on the gladiator sandal, jewellery based on ancient cultures.

•With anything warrior inspired be sure to not overlook leather. It can add a hard edge or historical authenticity
•Look to the tribal fashion trend for inspiration. But remember that in 2010, the warrior trend is more Dark Ages than bright kaftan. Thus look to the detailing, particularly in tribal accessories and jewellery.
•If you're wearing warrior inspired clothing during the colder Autumn (Fall) / Winter months consider pairing your pieces with ripped tights for an edgy look.
•If you're wearing a tribal piece that is just a top and not a full dress or outfit, consider pairing it with short shorts or boy shorts. Particularly good here would be to wear them with khaki coloured shorts in the vein of 'Westerner gone native'.

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Pj said...

Love all the warrior looks (:

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