Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Laddered stockings / ripped tights trend

The most defining trend of the 1990s was undoubtedly grunge. And since the 80s revival has reached its peak and is on the steady decline, it's the 90s that are next in turn - grunge naturally included. This neo-grunge takes the ripped denim trend firmly in its stride; and along with it comes another 2009 trend: laddered stockings.

How to wear it:

With conviction. Wearing a crisp, corporate skirt-suit and a pair of stockings with a little ladder or two just looks like an unfortunate run-in with a sharp fingernail. On the other hand, shredded tights with studded boots and a black mini screams fashion-forwards neo-grunge chic.

DIY: It's not hard to get this look. God knows, it's easy enough to rip stockings when you're not trying to. For heavier fabrics use a bit of creativity with scissors, or even a cheese-grater, to work in interesting shapes.

1 comment:

Fennella said...

THANKSS this is exactly ewhat I have been saying
I never appreciated the style of the 90s until now.
I have a pair of ripped tights one with holes and another with slits. I wear them with confidence and I love them

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